The source code for IMP OS is maintained using GitHub, and can be accessed here.

The source code for IMP OS itself is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Where other source has been used (such as the armstubs repository, the bootloader07 repository, and the USPi USB driver code within the kernel repository), existing licenses relevant to each of those projects apply.

There are a number of repositories maintained using GitHub, these will now be described briefly:

sd-cardFor Raspberry Pi, provides reference SD card files for ease of use. Branches are available for pi3/3b+, and 32/64-bit configurations.
kernelThe actual kernel itself for IMP OS.
bootloader07During IMP OS development, the bootloader07 kernel is used as part of the bootstrap process. More details on bootloader07 will be published soon.
basicA simple BASIC interpreter for IMP OS.
stdlibThe Standard Library for the Operating System.
helloA simple "Hello, World" application that shows how to write an application that can be launched as a process in IMP OS.
cliA simple CLI application for IMP OS. Is launched by default when the kernel has completed its initialisation.
armstubsFrom the Raspberry Pi Foundation, this small piece of code allows the Raspberry Pi to boot up in EL3 rather than EL2. More details on what this actually means will be published soon.