Strictly speaking, BASIC is not considered an official part of IMP OS, though it is included to help demonstrate that IMP OS can run larger and more useful programs that begin to make it useful to end users.

BASIC requires access to the IMP OS Standard Library in order to be compiled successfully, in the same way that CLI does. The repository carries a copy of the header (.h) files and the library (.a) file. If Standard Library is changed, then these copies should be suitably updated to ensure that BASIC can be recompiled against the latest Standard Library.

For the moment, BASIC will not be described further, until there is sufficient time to revisit this program and improve it somewhat. Reading the repository contents is advisable to appreciate the sorts of keywords and functions that the language provides. It should also be noted that – at the time of writing – the LOAD and SAVE directives are not enabled, as these provisionally would benefit from the IMP OS Standard Library from offering C-like functions such as fopen, fclose, fgetc and fprintf.